Founded by Dr. A Soyini C

Dr. Soyini has ridden the waves of education for nearly five decades and has accumulated a diverse educational intellectual capital from her experiences. Her instructional efforts are tailored to provide Kingdom leadership instruction in ministry and the marketplace.


Dr. Soyini is committed to empowering Kingdom leaders. By approaching all of life from a Kingdom perspective, she believes leaders can triumph and thrive. Subsequently, she is called upon to help prepare catalytic change agent leaders in their fields through encouragement, inspiration, and training materials.


The Word of God is the cornerstone upon which the kingdom leader is built. All interpretations of life flow from God's living Word (John 1:1). It is the foundation of all Kingdom leadership, exhibited by the leader's identity and the manifestation of divine purpose.



ASC Ministry Enterprises focuses the attention of leaders. They develop the ability to focus:

  • Internally: self-awareness

  • Externally: awareness of others

  • Globally: awareness and international focus

     Leaders develop the ability to see the impact of present Kingdom-oriented choices, decisions, and actions on future developments. The envisioning results in action plans that produce new solutions, new methods, and the reformation of existing solutions and methods.