Kingdom Principles

"On earth, as it is in heaven" is the goal. The priority is to honor and trust God in whatever we do.


Integrity & Excellence
In ALL interactions, honesty and accountability is valued and required. A high premium is placed on
transparency in decision-making and operations that must be maintained.


Innovative ideas, decisions, and initiatives are significant to promoting the long-term continuity and stability of development among leaders and their organizations.


Trust is considered a critical component of relationship building, development, and decision-making.


The power that is harnessed when people work cooperatively to accomplish shared goals.


Developing people so they can fulfill their God-given assignments, dreams, and goals. The transformation of leaders, organizations, and nations to the glory of God.


Kingdom stewardship is a lifetime of serving God and the interests of His Kingdom. It means commitment to the Kingdom of God's growth, expansion, and overall advancement worldwide.


The inheritance created by transformation is cherished and passed on to successive generations.