Leadership and Followership
Leadership and followership are two important aspects of a relationship that mutually benefit one another. They (servant leaders and followers) thrive on relationship awareness, progress, and development. 

The Challenge of Spiritual and Spirit-Led Leadership and Development
Without the Kingdom spiritual leadership perspective, spiritual leadership is temporal, sometimes toxic, and will not achieve God’s will. Leadership development by Spirit-led leaders has a transforming imprint on developing leaders. Spirit-led leadership development from the Kingdom perspective embraces the connection and interface of the human spirit with the Holy Spirit, the biblical mandates, and servanthood with godly organizational and business practices.

The Kingdom of God, Leadership, and the Generations

Jesus dispatched the disciples to proclaim the Gospel, demonstrating God's Kingdom in healing and deliverance. Failure to pass on godly vision to future generations can lead to generation gaps and disunity. Therefore, multigenerational ministries and arenas must reflect the Kingdom of God, presenting a unified picture to believers and unbelievers alike. Leaders must focus on God's Kingdom and live according to its principles, bearing the Fruit of the Spirit. Living by the Spirit requires keeping pace with what He is doing.

Seniors Arise!

It's never too late! Work on that assignment you have put off. It is not too hard, and God will be with you every step of the way. His love surrounds the assignment. He will enable you in your endeavor because of His love. So begin now! You can do it!

Self-Aware Leadership

Self-aware leadership fosters understanding, personal spiritual growth, and maturity under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As Kingdom leaders learn and develop their gifts and talents for the well-being of others, they create meaningful relationships and employ appropriate action that will enable them to appropriate Kingdom interventions that produce sustainable outcomes.

The Difference Between Grace and Passivity

A Kingdom leader's job requires constant focus. It requires nurturing, protecting, directing, and letting others grow beyond the leader's capacity. The touch of God is on it. Grace gives and receives value in the workplace for Kingdom leaders.