The book is a compilation of weekly posts on Facebook, from September 2020 through July 2021. They were created to inform, challenge, inspire and call Kingdom leaders in the marketplace to fulfill the Creation Mandate and the Great Commission - the universal Kingdom assignment given to believers by Christ. God's Kingdom leaders faithfully steward their assignments by using the gifts, talents, and abilities that He has given them to mount an active response to His Word. God's Kingdom leaders must be accountable and responsibly maintain Kingdom standards in the face of worldly pressures to do and be otherwise.

Therefore, God's Kingdom leaders must pay careful attention to themselves by guarding their spiritual and moral purity and that of those for whom they are responsible. The insights of each chapter are meant to deepen Kingdom leaders' understanding and knowledge of God's call to the marketplace so that the will of Kingdom leaders is roused according to the Word and will of God, without delay. Each chapter contains supporting Scriptures and kingly decrees to fulfill Matthew 6:10: "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." For the Kingdom leader, this is their royal commission. On the Page with Leadership: Insights for Ministry and the Marketplace empowers Kingdom leaders to further engage and fulfill it.

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God's Prophetic Strategy: A Blueprint for Building Leaders is written for emerging and growing leaders in ministry, organizations, and businesses to increase leadership capacity from a Kingdom perspective. It integrates leadership development work and learning experiences based on Scripture. The book is intended to help build Kingdom leaders, whether in ministry or business.


Inside and outside the House of God, the biblical qualities reveal the believers' perspective and are prerequisites for Kingdom leadership. Being in the marketplace is part of that. Hebrews 11 tells righteous leaders that they must operate from a place of service and a desire to help others: Faith (v. 24), integrity (v. 25), vision (v. 26), decisiveness (v. 27), obedience (v. 28), and responsibility (v. 29). They are notable attributes of a Kingdom leader, according to Hebrews 11.

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With the aid of the God's Prophetic Strategy: A Blueprint for Building Leaders Workbook, you can discover scriptural blueprints applicable to marketplace leadership. It is intended to complement the book God's Prophetic Strategy: A Blueprint for Building Leaders in preparing you for your Kingdom assignment in the marketplace. In keeping with the book's chapters, the workbook emphasizes practical application and action, as well as a deeper understanding of the power of God's Word.


This coordination with the book will assist you in gaining a more comprehensive biblical perspective on Kingdom leadership. It is an excellent method for enhancing your Kingdom knowledge for marketplace ministry. As you gain a deeper understanding of God's teaching and discover how the Kingdom of God will change your leadership thinking, you can use it as an innovative tool to equip you for your path as a Kingdom leader!



We must embrace the workplace as a noble calling to excel in our work truly. Beyond attending to the intricacies of our tasks, we must approach our leadership roles with reverence, as if they are sacred vocations. Every aspect of life holds sanctity. We find purpose through honoring and worshipping God.


Building a Kingdom Culture: Transforming Workplaces Through Kingdom Principles explores the profound impact of Kingdom Culture in the workplace. This book is a valuable resource for Kingdom leaders who understand that their role in the workplace is a divine assignment. Our placement in our respective workplaces is not a coincidence but a deliberate act of God. During our time there, we are called to be a beacon of light, embodying the timeless principles of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ.