Kingdom Leadership Training and Development






ASC.ME builds leaders through Biblical principles, themes, and values. The mission is to develop leaders into strong, influential Kingdom leaders who can be ambassadors for Christ in their primary places of employment to bring about transformational change. ASC.ME offers training and development opportunities. The overarching goal is to equip leaders to lead with courage, integrity, humility, and vision. We also focus on developing servant leadership mindsets and practices that will help create a culture of trust in their organizations.








ASC.ME provides coaching sessions, group seminars and workshops to help leaders discover their God-given leadership potential. ASC.ME strives to provide a holistic approach to training and development by helping leaders hone their spiritual gifts, build bridges of trust with those they lead, and foster an atmosphere of excellence. The aim is to develop great leaders and empower passionate followers of Jesus Christ to bring about positive, lasting change in their organizations. ASC.ME also provides practical solutions and strategies tailored to each organization's specific needs. Our ultimate goal is to glorify God and help leaders become effective ambassadors of His kingdom.